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March 2010: "Causality" at Venice International University

viu_logoThe seminar "The Cement of the Universe - Recent Topics in the Theory of Causation" will be organized by members of the LMU philosophy department, March 22-26, 2010. The announcement states that ...

"for some time it has seemed that causation – once dubbed by J.L. Mackie the cement of the universe – would no longer play a major role in metaphysics and philosophy of science. It appeared that in the course of scientific progress – as Bertrand Russell had predicted at the beginning of the 20th century – causal concepts would be gradually supplanted by lawlike correlations and thus become superfluous. Recent years however have seen a revival of philosophical and scientific interest in questions concerning causal relations."

R. Poellinger's talk about Judea Pearl, "Causality" (2000/2009), Pearl's deterministic account of causation, and his answer to David Lewis' counterfactual approach will be part of the session about probabilistic logic.

More information ...