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March 2010: Talk about "Causality" at Venice International University

viu_logoThe seminar "The Cement of the Universe - Recent Topics in the Theory of Causation" will be organized by members of the LMU philosophy department, March 22-26, 2010. The announcement states that ...

"for some time it has seemed that causation – once dubbed by J.L. Mackie the cement of the universe – would no longer play a major role in metaphysics and philosophy of science. It appeared that in the course of scientific progress – as Bertrand Russell had predicted at the beginning of the 20th century – causal concepts would be gradually supplanted by lawlike correlations and thus become superfluous. Recent years however have seen a revival of philosophical and scientific interest in questions concerning causal relations."

R. Poellinger's talk about Judea Pearl, "Causality" (2000/2009), Pearl's deterministic account of causation, and his answer to David Lewis' counterfactual approach will be part of the session about probabilistic logic.

Download relevant documents here (password upon request)

More information on the VIU website ...