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Science & Communication

With professional experience in multi media and video design, Roland Poellinger has an additional research assignment in science communication and academic management at the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy (MCMP). He runs the MCMP's LMUcast team and coordinates the MCMP internship program "Science & Communication".

In the past years, Roland Poellinger has been developing and evaluating many formats and channels to communicate research at the center:

Five years of science communication for the MCMP

The talk below was recorded at the anniversary celebration "Five Years MCMP: Quo Vadis, Mathematical Philosophy?" in June 2016. Roland Poellinger takes a look back at the first five years of the center putting special emphasis on the media output since many of the MCMP's activities are mirrored in the center's media-related efforts such as the video channels on iTunes U, Coursera online courses, and the publication database on the MCMP's web portal.

Flash web player and other formats: Click here. The video "New channels for the MCMP" (2013) can be found online here.