logicspackWith this Java WebStart application formulae of first order logic (e.g., in accordance with the inductive definition in G. Link: Collegium Logicum) may be transformed into their equivalent prenex form (in compliance with the rules of Kalish, Montague, Mar: Techniques of Formal Reasoning, p. 427 ff.), and formulae of propositional logic may be checked with "Quine Analysis". The console is based on a formula parser that generates the appropriate tree structure for each input formula. Every formula transformation is conducted on the underlying tree structure. An additional feature of the program is the graph display for the visualization of the generated trees and the animation of the prenex algorithm.

In the graph window use left click and drag in the graph pane to navigate and right click with horizontal mouse movement for zooming.

Please note that for the execution of this unsigned WebStart application a security exception must be added to your local settings.

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